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    How to choose a good kitchen furniture studio?

    We would like to recommend our guide for all of you who are going to make changes in their kitchen spaces. We hope that it will be helpful in finding the best studios, choosing the most suitable furniture and avoiding unnecessary disappointment. The guidelines presented below are worth getting a closer look before you will visit the studio in search for your perfect set of furniture.


    First contact with the studio

    • The designer should devote the appropriate amount of time to the client, help to get familiar with the studio’s offer and answer any questions.
    • On the basis of approximate measurement (which is good to take before and having with you when visiting the studio), the designer should specify the cost of the furniture set made from specific material. The preliminary valuation should include all necessary elements of the set (drawers, tops, furniture finishes, lighting, glass, etc.). It should also contain additional information concerning the cost of the project preparation, order delivery date, transport, etc.
    • Please, pay special attention to the implicit costs and as to whether:
      • the price of the furniture set includes the furniture and household appliances installation
      • the price is set as a gross price
      • the content of the agreement stipulates that extra and unexpected costs can be offloaded onto the client

    What to pay attention to

    • Has the studio a large selection of materials in different price ranges?
    • Is there a possibility of choosing any accessories (handles, glazing, stained glasses, tops, etc.) to the specific furniture set?
    • Are the cabinets offered in a wide range of sizes?
    • What is the cost of non-standard elements?
    • What is the quality of offered materials? The elements which are important for the future exploitation include:
      • fittings (hinges) – pay attention as to whether they are easy in usage and maintenance
      • drawer runners – you should choose among those of high load capacity; it is good to invest in full extension drawers with the self-closing mechanism
      • body finishes – they should have moisture and mechanical damages protection
      • tops – you should choose only those with resistance (to abrasion, stains, high temperature and scratching) and moisture protection
      • fronts – they should have the surface which is resistant to moisture and is easy to clean. It is good if they are equipped with microactuators providing safe and soft closing of the fronts

    After making a choice

    • The studio accepting the order for the furniture construction should prepare on its own the detailed measurement of the kitchen.
    • The designer should devote the appropriate amount of time to the client in order to discuss the project, make changes, specify details, etc. – the designer should consider any demands of the client and recommend the equipment which suits their needs (it regards not only furniture design, but also functions and price).
    • The final project should include the detailed information about any connections, drains, the amount of terracotta and tiling needed, as well as its lying scheme.

    Before signing the agreement

    Find out whether:

    • the agreement contains all the agreed details
    • the agreement clearly states the price, arrangements for payment, order delivery date and warranty period
    • the agreement contains the technical part with detailed information concerning the amount of drawers in cabinets, drawers partition, opening direction and front grain direction